Ladylike yet strong. Womenswear for Quarter 4, 2019 is designed around the idea of women who are comfortable in their own skin and self-sufficient. 
The womanly bows around the neck and back help bringing in another layer of softness. All of the feminine details are contrastingly matched with bottom pieces that have sharper silhouetttes. This is to give a sense of practicality and independence. 

For menswear, Standard Archives explores the opportunity to reuse leftover materials as well as environmentally friendly fibers. Keeping things rustic, care-free and worldly for menswear, the range is marked by the natural wrinkly texture of garment dyed pieces and the loose jacket matched with even larger pair of pants with elastic waistband. It is about making clothes that gives no restriction, bare no worries, pays no mind with a small pinch of Wabi Sabi touch to the details.