At Standard Archives, we do not believe in having lots of clothes. Having more clothes than you need will only confuse your daily routine, eating up your storage space, costing your money and the worst, prevent you from looking your best. All of these comes with environmental costs.

This is our interpritation of the capsule wardrobe, a small range of carefully seleced pieces which can be worn again and again and still looking chic. It is compact and comfortable. It consists of enviromentally friendly pieces which are great for hot and humid weather of Thailand and can be easily matches with other pieces you already have. Especially for this range...

1. We will mend every of your purchased pieces wherever possible to prolong their uses, free of charge. (Plase contact us for more information at LINE: @sastore)

2. We will recycle your purchased pieces to make sure that our fashion waste do not go to the landfill, free of charge. (Plase contact us for more information at LINE: @sastore)


SHOP CAPSULE COLLECTION, 2021 WOMENSWEAR (Greener shipping option available)

SHOP CAPSULE COLLECTION, 2021 MENSWEAR  (Greener shipping option available)


A= Made from non virgin material. Least impact on earth.
B= Made from more sustainable virgin material. 
C= Made from natural conventional virgin material.
D= Made from synthetic materials. Not biodegradable and may impact environment if not properly dispose.

Look for the sustainability score in the product description. We give each item a unique score to represent how much impact this product have on the environment. The higher the score, the smaller the impact. BUT remember that every material have their own unique function. Not all is good and not all is bad. Buy responsibly. Buy only what you need and only what suites you and your lifestyles.


We sourced from a supplier with over 40 years experience in underwear production. The result is easily the most sensible mens underwear range around!

The button is made from natural sea shell to add a pinch of value to the design. 50% of the yarn used (100% in DARK GREY MELANGE option) in this fabric is from dead stock of over 10 years to help reduce the impact of using new material to the environment.

These basic pieces will quickly become your staples. The underwear are made from the softest combination of cotton and bamboo rayon, it has exceptional handfeel without loosing its form.